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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sunther’s MIC CWC appointment illegal?

MIC sources claim that the appointment of S Sunther to the party's central working committee runs foul of the party's constitution.
KUALA LUMPUR: The recent appointment of S Sunther to the MIC central working committee (CWC) is “illegal”, a party source alleged today.
Declining to be named, the party leader also said the appointment of Sunther, who is the son of former MIC deputy president S Subramaniam, was a “desperate move” by party president G Palanivel to strengthen his position in the party.
He said Sunther was not eligible to be a CWC member since he was not a delegate in his division.
“Article 59.3 of the MIC constitution states that only a member who is a delegate to the general assembly shall be eligible to stand as a candidate for the post of deputy president, vice-presidents or to be elected as CWC members.
“This qualification applies not only to those wishing to contest but also to those appointment at the discretion of the president,” he told FMT.
Sunther joined the party in 2008 as an ordinary member and is not a division delegate to the party’s general assembly.
“It looks like Palanivel overlooked the constitution before making this appointment. He is desperate to win the presidential election (slated for Sept 22),” he added.
On July 17, Palanivel dropped S Vell Paari, the son of former president S Samy Vellu, from the CWC without a reason.
Palanivel, who took over the party from Samy Vellu in 2010, also dropped Puteri MIC coordinator J Usha Nandhini from CWC, the party’s highest decision body.
They were replaced by Sunther and former vice-president S Sothinathan.
President’s prerogative
When contacted, Sunther brushed aside the claim that his appointment was not in accordance with the MIC constitution.
Sunther claimed that it was up to the president to decide whom he wants appointed to the CWC.
“I became a division delegate automatically as I have been appointed to the CWC. It is the party president’s prerogative to appoint whom he thinks is fit to be a CWC member and I respect his decision.
“Also, once appointed as a CWC member, I am automatically named as a division delegate. So, I do not see an issue here,” he added.
Sunther joined the MIC Old Klang Road branch as an ordinary member in 2008 . A year later, he became the branch deputy youth chief.
After serving as the deputy youth leader for five years, he contested the Old Klang Road MIC branch chairman’s post at the recent branch election and won uncontested.

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